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Workplace Stress and Anxiety

Adele Wilde

Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Perth, Western Australia

Are you experiencing any of the following work-related stressors?

Life places demands on all of us that stretch our personal psychological resources. A manageable degree of stress makes us stronger and generally matures us. A level of stress that is at the limit of, or beyond, one's resources to cope with can lead to such a degree of anxiety that physical and emotional health is threatened or damaged. The workplace is an arena where there can be stressful dynamics and situations. This stress can lead to serious levels of anxiety that can become chronic and feel overwhelming.

What one person may perceive as stressful, another may view as challenging. Whether a person experiences work related stress depends on factors such as the job, the person's psychological make-up, general health and personal life.

Some of the more common symptoms of workplace anxiety include:

Anxiety is a fear-based response that may be triggered when we feel confronted with situations in life that threaten us in some way. A threat, (real or imagined) which is not resolved quickly, can lead to a chronic state of anxiety. A chronic anxiety state will inevitably take its toll on one's happiness, productivity, energy level, rationality, and capability. One becomes controlled by anxiety and stress. Sometimes such stress causes perceptions to become distorted and a form of mild paranoia with feelings of persecution can develop.

Workplace stress and anxiety often carries over into a person's personal life, and can affect relationships outside the workplace.

Avoidance is a common response to anxiety. Anxiety leading to avoidance behaviours in the workplace though, can have consequences both on a personal level and for the organisation.

The loss to the individual may include, missed opportunities for professional advancement, financial loss, decreased personal wellbeing and self-esteem, and deteriorated professional relationships. For the organisation, a stressed and anxious workforce usually means lower productivity.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and concerned about the level of anxiety you are experiencing in your work life, talking through the issues with someone supportive and empathic can be a first step toward dealing with the anxiety.

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Adele Wilde
Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Mt Lawley Counselling Centre
13 Alvan Street
Mt Lawley Western Australia 6050

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