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Adele Wilde

Counsellor & Gestalt Psychotherapist

Perth Western Australia

Adele is trained as a Gestalt Therapist and Counsellor. Gestalt Therapy is a self-awareness and mindfulness based approach to counselling and psychotherapy that enables the development of a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we function. A deeper self-awareness is a powerful means of resolving life issues (such as depression and anxiety) and improving and enriching our personal relationships.

Adele has many years experience working in clinical settings providing therapeutic support in the area of mental health. The experience she has gained whilst working in both hospital and community service organisations has provided a rich background to her work as a psychotherapist.

Adele is skilled in working with clients with emotional and relationship difficulties, including the emotional impact of physical and health problems. She focuses on providing a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their concerns in order to effect change, and to develop more profound insights into self and relationships. This can lead to improvement in self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to have fulfilling relationships.

Adele has written the following articles that are available on this website:

Adele is available for appointments at:

Mt Lawley Counselling Centre
13 Alvan Street
Mt Lawley WA 6050

This practitioner provides Telehealth (online) Counselling.

Adele may be contacted by:

Telephone: 0439 324 703