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Couples Counselling For a Healthier Relationship

Fiona Owen

Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Perth, Western Australia

When two people meet and fall "in love" there is what is commonly referred to as the " honeymoon period." This is when both people want to be with each other as much as possible. This period can last for varying amounts of time, but usually the being in love changes into something else. Either the relationship develops into a phase where each individual strengthens and deepens their love for each other so that they want what is best for the other as opposed to just wanting the other. Sometimes there is an imbalance and one partner stays at the in love phase, which can become obsessive wanting of the other. This is often not a healthy balance and problems result. In other instances the in love can lead into a relationship that is diminishing, painful, and brings out negative aspects of the self.

People are often confused by the feeling of being in love and being in an ever changing love relationship. One can be in love but it takes two to be in a relationship. A loving relationship requires that both people mutually care about each other and in order to do this they must be able to communicate effectively. If you want a business venture to be successful, research, time, energy, understanding of potential pitfalls and commitment are some of the essential ingredients. This is also true for relationships.

Arguing is healthy if it is done in a constructive, respectful way. Learning to communicate more effectively can be done through couples counselling, where there is a safe space to explore and discover how to express problems that may exist either in the relationship itself or from issues that individuals bring into the relationship from the past.

If you would like to find out more about couples counselling, please contact:

Fiona Owen
M Soc Sc (Counselling), B Sc Psychology, Grad. Dip. Ed.
Perth, Western Australia

Fiona Owen is currently on a long term sabbatical, in her absence, please contact one of the other practitioners, or leave a message on the Contact Page.

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