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Adolescent Depression

Julia Pemberton

Registered Psychologist
Perth, Western Australia

Young people experience many different feelings and moods and parents are often unsure about what is normal or when to seek help. Young people can feel depressed for all sorts of reasons and their depression can vary from having moods and feeling a bit 'down', to feeling overwhelming sadness and hopelessness, and at the extreme suicidal.

Most young people have mood swings and times when they feel very unhappy in adolescence, but it is important to be aware that depression occurs in up to 24% of young people. Being 'down' most of the time is not normal. Depression in young people is often not recognised. The type of help and support young people receive and how soon they get this can make a real difference.

Although it is often difficult to communicate with someone who is feeling very low, it is important to acknowledge your child's feelings and let them know you are there for them. Knowing that friends and family really care and are willing to give support can be the first important step towards getting better.

Young people at risk
Depression can affect anyone, but some young people are more likely to become depressed if:

Major life stresses can include family separation, loss of a parent, child abuse, bullying, academic failure, relationship break-up or moving school.

Depression may also be triggered by something that seems relatively minor or occur for no obvious reason.

Signs of depression
A young person with depression may show some of the following signs:

What parents can do
When young people are suffering with depression they are not always able to ask for help and may even refuse your help at times. This can leave you feeling helpless or rejected.

It is important that you:

Julia Pemberton
Registered Psychologist
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