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Mt Lawley Counselling Centre, Perth WA

Mt Lawley Counselling Centre began in 2001, and is now a well established Centre providing psychotherapy and counselling in Perth. Our group are experienced and highly trained psychologists, social workers, and counsellors with specialisations in Individual adult therapy, couples counselling, and children and adolescent counselling. The Centre is open Mondays to Saturdays with late appointments available during the week.

Mt Lawley Counselling Centre is conveniently located in an attractive street close to the Perth CBD. The Centre is readily accessible from most other parts of the metro area. There is good local public transport, plenty of street parking available and a large rear carpark at the practice.

Elyse Frankel HeadshotElyse Frankel

Elyse is a Clinical Psychologist and accredited Gestalt Therapist with over twenty years experience. In her work with individuals, she uses several approaches including gestalt, psychoanalytic and existential therapies, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural techniques. She works with a range of clinical issues including anxiety, depression, history of sexual abuse, grief and loss, in addition to exploring questions around life's meaning and purpose. View Elyse's Profile

Hank Glorie HeadshotHank Glorie

Hank Glorie is a clinical psychologist and qualified gestalt psychotherapist in Perth, who has also studied developmental/attachment psychology, psychoanalytic therapies, and cognitive behaviour therapy. Hank has extensive experience counselling individual adults dealing with psychological difficulties. He originally worked as a clinical psychologist in community agencies and hospital environments before going into private practice in 1996. View Hank's Profile

Samantha McLaughlin HeadshotSamantha McLaughlin

Samantha is a psychotherapist, an accredited Gestalt therapist and a skilled Relationship, Family, and Adolescence Counsellor. Samantha has a special interest in early childhood attachments and how they impact upon self-esteem, depression and recurring relationship issues. Samantha is an experienced Postnatal Depression counsellor and also co-facilitates a Postnatal Depression support group. View Samantha's Profile

Julia Pemberton HeadshotJulia Pemberton

Julia is a registered psychologist specialising in child and adolescent issues. She has over 20 years clinical experience working with adults, children and adolescents about a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, separation, relationship issues, suicide prevention, parenting issues, parent/teen conflict and psycho-oncology (cancer). Julia utilises a range of therapeutic approaches including CBT, interpersonal psychotherapy, solution focused brief therapy, family therapy, art and play therapy and mediation. View Julia's Profile

Daniel Mills HeadshotDaniel Mills

Daniel is a counsellor, psychotherapist and accredited Gestalt therapist who has extensive experience working with both individuals and couples around a wide range of issues. Daniel has worked in community based organizations as a counsellor, group facilitator and supervisor for other counsellors. Daniel provides a respectful, supportive and challenging therapeutic environment for clients to explore individual and relationship concerns. He is particularly skilled in helping his clients understand how their current thoughts, feelings and behaviours, as well as past experiences, are related to ongoing problems. View Daniel's Profile

Adele Wilde HeadshotAdele Wilde

Adele is trained as a Gestalt Therapist and Counsellor. Gestalt Therapy is a self-awareness and mindfulness based approach to counselling and psychotherapy that enables the development of a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we function. A deeper self-awareness is a powerful means of resolving life issues (such as depression and anxiety) and improving and enriching our personal relationships. View Adele's Profile

Jessica Salomone HeadshotJessica Salomone

Jessica is a Counselling Psychologist and qualified Couples and Sex Therapist with many years experience in both Australia and London, providing psychological interventions to individuals and couples in a wide variety of settings including: Psycho-Sexual and Relationship Services, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Inpatient and Outpatient Services, the Department of Health's Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC), and England National Health Anxiety and Mood Disorder Services. Fundamental to Jessica's practice is creating a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental therapeutic environment where clients can talk through issues at their own pace. View Jessica's Profile

Bernadette Hodgins HeadshotBernadette Hodgins

Bernadette is a Perth Psychologist registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). She is also a qualified and experienced Gestalt Psychotherapist. Working primarily from a gestalt therapy framework, Bernadette integrates the best evidence-based treatments particularly suited to each client. She attends closely to the early detection of maladaptive psychological processes and prevention wherever possible and helps clients develop confidence in their ability to achieve their goals within therapy. View Bernadette's Profile

Tiffany Ha HeadshotTiffany Ha

As a counsellor and accredited Gestalt therapist, Tiffany is highly regarded for her presence, authenticity and depth. Drawing on fifteen years of experience working with people in educational and therapeutic settings, she combines evidence-based practices with her intuitive ability to see, hear and understand a person’s psychological process. In addition to counselling and psychotherapy, Tiffany has worked professionally as a musician, teacher and performance coach. View Tiffany's Profile