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Mt Lawley Counselling Centre Map

Mt Lawley Counselling Centre
(Perth, Western Australia)
13 Alvan Street, Mt Lawley, WA 6050

To make enquiries or to arrange an appointment, please contact the therapist you would like to see by contacting that person directly using the details provided further down. (Mt Lawley Counselling Centre does not have a receptionist service.)

For all general enquiries, please phone 0450 856 700 or fill in the contact form below.
FAX: 6323 4688

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Therapist Contact Details

Elyse Frankel

Elyse Frankel
ph: 0414 764 663

Hank Glorie

Hank Glorie
ph: 0400 186 760

Samantha McLaughlin

Samantha McLaughlin
ph: 0431 763 567

Julia Pemberton

Julia Pemberton
ph: 0407 772 410

Daniel Mills

Daniel Mills
ph: 0402 573 548

Fiona Owen

Fiona Owen
ph: 0409 995 411

Matt Tilley

Matt Tilley
ph: 0411 253 165

Adele Wilde

Adele Wilde
ph: 0439 324 703


Sherry-Lee Smith
ph: 0421 351 020

Sandra Manessis

Sandra Manessis
ph: 0407 859 413

Katrina Alilovic

Katrina Alilovic
ph: 0428 661 300

Jeannie Minchin

Jeannie Minchin
ph: 0406 033 644

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